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All of our barista courses are running. Due to COVID we are working with customers to be flexible with our course dates. Once a course is purchased you will be contacted to arrange the start date of your course. If you have any queries for availability please enquire.

Our barista courses can help develop your barista knowledge from beginner through to expert – with the added bonus that many of the courses are SCA accredited.

Barista course - Barista skills intermediate

Barista Basics

2 days (10:00am – 4:00pm)
Hej Certification


Barista Course - Introduction to Speciality Coffee

Introduction to Coffee

1/2 day course (10am – 3pm)
(10 points towards SCA diploma in coffee)


Barista Skills – Foundation

Barista Skills – Foundation

1 Day (10am – 3:30pm)
(5 points towards SCA diploma in coffee)


Barista Skills – Intermediate

Barista Skills – Intermediate

2 days (10am – 4:30pm)
(10 points towards SCA diploma in coffee)


Barista Skills – Professional

Barista Skills – Professional

3 Days (10am – 3:30pm)
(25 points towards SCA diploma in coffee)



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Working with your business to find Champion Baristas

Champion Baristas make better coffee. We’ll work with you to find champions in your business that can become SCA qualified. They become trainers and we support and mentor them to improve the coffee offer throughout your organisation. We offer onsite training but also lock them away for intensive training at our Barista school..

Everyone deserves to have the knowledge to make their perfect coffee.

Contact us to discuss your barista training requirements.

We are open! Delivery is also available on UberEats and Deliveroo. Please enquire for barista courses.