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We believe everyone should have access to great coffee, so we offer lessons at our SCA (Specialised Coffee Association) coffee school here in Bermondsey: a haven of caffeine, where coffee wizardry can take place without all the demanding distractions of everyday life. We also offer students hands-on experience making and serving coffee in our Café alongside our staff. Its main purpose is to inspire confidence in people involved in coffee, to provide consistent excellence and deliciousness.

The SCA curriculum covers everything from sourcing to brewing and beyond, our purpose built school allows our clients a learning environment free from distraction. Everyone deserves to have the knowledge to make their perfect coffee. Contact us to discuss your training requirements.

You can now view information and book two of our barista courses online.

Specialty Coffee Association

Meet Mathew – Our CCO
(Chief Coffee Officer)

I have been working in coffee for over 18 years, starting in Wellington NZ, the spiritual home of specialty coffee and the birthplace of the ‘flat-white’

I have held several positions in the industry from account manager in sales, regional manager of a coffee chain, openings manager for cafe Nero as they were starting to break into the UK coffee market to my most important role to date, co-founder and CCO of HEJ Coffee. This is of course ‘chief coffee officer’ and for me is the best job in coffee anywhere on the planet!

I am a qualified SCA AST trainer and have listed the courses I love to run below. I have managed some interesting accounts such as overseeing the creation of the first UK google coffee lab where I trained over 2000 googlers in the art of creating amazing coffee in the workplace. I have had the pleasure in being involved from the start with the rapid growth of HEJ and RA’s partnership taking it from one site a little over a year ago to a massive twenty six sites and still growing every week.

Meet Mathew - Barista Training
I am passionate about great coffee and even more so when it comes to delivering unbeatable service. There quite literally isn’t a request we won’t fulfil or a challenge we cannot take on, from next day coffee pop ups to coffee gardens built and in operation hours from the moment the question was asked!

The three barista courses I can offer as a SCA AST trainer are Introduction to Coffee, Barista skills and Brewing. I am a proud holder of the SCA coffee diploma. Completing this gave me invaluable knowledge and insight to all aspects of the coffee industry from green coffee to roasting and sensory skills. I can highly recommend taking on the challenge of the SCA diploma system.



HEJ Coffee deliver extraordinary coffee experiences in our coffee shops and for our amazing wholesale + workplace customers. We’d love to chat about how we can help you. Call, email or complete the enquiry form and we’ll be back in touch in no time.

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We are open! Delivery is also available on UberEats and Deliveroo. Please enquire for barista courses.

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