If you have an interest in coffee and want to pursue this interest and learn some tricks of the trade, then you might be wondering about barista training courses and what they can offer. Perhaps you think that a barista training course isn’t for you because you are only a homegamer and a coffee enthusiast. Perhaps you think that a barista course won’t teach you enough to get a qualification and become a proper barista. If you are thinking that then we have some bad news for you, you are wrong. Wrong!

Our barista courses are perfect for anyone who loves coffee. From the enthusiastic homegamer to the next top level barista. Our barista courses can teach you everything you need to know and everything you want to know about making and serving the best coffee possible. Plus they are really fun as well! We teach our classes at our SCAE (Specialised Coffee Association of Europe) coffee school right here in Bermondsey Street. In fact, by the end of the course, you will be serving some of our customers and helping out our staff in the cafe! We love running our coffee courses because it allows us to get hands on with passionate coffee lovers and show them our coffee wizardry. Ok, it allows us to show off our skills and allows you to make the perfect coffee at home or as a barista in London or anywhere else for that matter.

Whether you are a coffee lover who wants to be able to create beautiful coffee at home to impress your friends, or you want to impress your boss and become a top barista in London, we have a course for you. Let’s explore these courses a little more and find out what you will be doing when you come to train at the home of the coffee wizardry.

Hej Beginner

On this one-day beginner course, you are going to learn all about the basics of espresso based drinks. This course is perfect for coffee enthusiasts, beginners, our customers that are curious and coffee lovers in general.

The beginner’s course covers the following:

Intro into the madness of the jargon – blonding? Portafilter? TDS? Sound confusing? Don’t worry; we will help you make light of all the odd little names that we have for things in this section of the course.

Our drink menu – So, you think you know the drinks menu already, right? The difference between a latte and a cappuccino is easy, the difference between a double mac and a cortado isn’t. This is where we put your jargon busting skills to the test, and help you out of course!

Pulling a shot – under or over, who knows! Well, we do and you soon will. We will show you how to extract a perfect espresso and help you tell the difference from the weak and the grand!

Milky magic – the art of making latte art is an art form that is fun but hard to master. We might not be able to teach you how to pour the Mona Lisa into a coffee, but we should be able to teach you to a point where you can impress all of your friends. There will be love hearts and everything!

Our beginner course runs from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm and includes lunch in the Hej cafe, it might even include coffee, if you’re lucky!

Hej Intermediate

If you are working in the coffee industry already or have a thirst for coffee knowledge and feel that the beginner course is not right for you, then the intermediate is the course for you. If you complete this two-day coffee course, you will walk away with an SCAE intermediate Barista skills qualification, the perfect thing to put on your C.V.

On the Hej intermediate course we will cover the following:

Knowing your greens – Learning the greens is important, you need to know the differences between species and variety as well as the origin of the coffee, the processes, roast and of course the quality. This first step on the course is the first step you should take whenever you are brewing coffee.

Grinding, tamping and dosing – Here you will learn about dosing chambers vs. on demand, choice and setting the dose. You will also learn some cool tampering techniques and secrets that you may not know already to ensure the perfect cup of coffee.

Extraction and brewing – there is an art to everything that we do when it comes to coffee and the art of extraction and brewing is something that can and will be taught in this part of the course.

Milk techniques – getting technical with milk.

Latte art – getting arty farty with milk.

Workspace management – learning layout and speed of service is important to ensure great customers and happy coffee, or the other way round.

The scary barista menu – here you will learn customer service, health and safety, cleaning, maintenance, how to take drink orders and financial management.

Exams – oh yes, we have exams and everything!

The intermediate course runs from 9:30 am until 5 pm for two days and includes lunch at Hej.

So, those are our coffee courses, which one you go on will depend on your skill level and how much you want to achieve from the course. If you want to make a great coffee at home and understand all the jargon that people like us know then the beginner course is probably perfect for you. If you want to know even more about the jargon, the art of brewing, create some cool milk art and end up with a qualification that is recognised all around Europe then the intermediate course is the one for you. And if you are now tearing your hair out trying to decide between the two, maybe come into the cafe for a chat and a coffee and we shall help you decide which is the course for you.

Thank you for reading about our barista training courses in London. We love doing the courses and seeing our customers take an interest in how their coffee is made. We really hope to see you on one of our barista courses soon.

We are open! Delivery is also available on UberEats and Deliveroo. Please enquire for barista courses.

Got it!