Here’s 7 ways we have helped our neighbours aside from the daily grind:


  1. Free Coffee for Heroes – In April we invited our Instagram followers to nominate a ‘hero’ who was making a difference in their community and deserved a free bag of coffee beans. Hej sent out over 100 bags of coffee, as a thank you to neighbourhood heroes. Each 250g bag of ‘pick me up’ coffee included a handwritten thank you card and revealed the name of their nominator. Thank you to our followers who helped Hej give back to the many nurses, doctors and key workers nominated!
  2. School Lunches for All – Our Chief Espresso Officer along with Hej baristas, took the wheel of Hej’s caffeine emergency vehicle to deliver school lunches over lockdown. Working with The Mayor’s Fund for London, we delivered 10,000 school lunches to schools and community hubs over three weeks.
  3. Charity Zoom Quiz – Using the power of technology, Hej hosted a quiz via Zoom to raise money for CALM. Over £350 was raised to donate in respect of a dear friend and colleague Rob Wallen from RA.
  4. Coffee Kick for The Front Line – Amidst lockdown, Hej gave away 50 bags of freshly roasted coffee to a local NHS hospital. The coffee was a thank you and show of appreciation to the staff working on the front line in the Covid-19 wards.
  5. Fundraising at Local School  – There were many lucky winners who took part in the fundraising quiz night. Hej donated 50 bags of coffee and 10 KeepCups in efforts to raise money for a local charity in Bermondsey.
  6. Free Contactless Coffee – At our sites in Bermondsey and Elephant and Castle, we operated a socially distanced takeaway bar as lockdown eased. Hej have been giving away FREE coffees for key-workers and NHS staff ever since.
  7. Support the Homeless – The OUTSIDE PROJECT are a LGBT homeless charity based in London. Hej have been supplying their community hub with free coffee and hot chocolate to help their members stay at the accommodation a bit more comfortable.

    We are open! Delivery is also available on UberEats and Deliveroo. Please enquire for barista courses.