Supporting local social initiatives

through the Grow Foundation

We love being part of the local community, and run several projects to encourage disadvantaged young people to learn new skills and get involved in our national network in the hospitality industry. Thanks to our network of blue chip clients and friends, we are able to offer great opportunities to people wanting to build a career in London’s exciting coffee scene.

All about Grow

Grow helps businesses address their CSR policies.
We begin with the people that Grow the coffee beans. Because of our direct relationship, we can tell their story and ensure only the highest grade coffee beans make it to your cup.

We allow our partners to Grow with confidence. We provide coffee training and education to all the teams involved with our coffee process, helping them develop their coffee knowledge and skills.

We help Grow your business by fully supporting you in all aspects of the service you want to provide. Our consultancy will enable you to grow now and continue growing in the future.

We always Grow green. We upcycle your used coffee grinds to create a plant nourisher and look to reduce carbon and landfill through our Ground to Ground initiative.

Grow: recycle your grounds

When you sign up to Grow coffee recycling, we take away your used grounds and transform them into aromatic compost and special fertilizers. We even have a team dedicated to coffee waste research.
The Grow Foundation is a non-profit. Our small fee (based on needs of each client) helps us cover logistics.

We donate all most all of our profits to local social initiatives for disadvantaged young people. We also contribute Coffee Kids, an organisation that gives Latin American coffee growing families’ educational opportunities and health care facilities, and helps them build small businesses.

HEJ Coffee – the coffee supplier with the squeaky green reputation

Whatever business you do with HEJ Coffee, you contribute to protecting the environment and sustaining poorer communities.

Buy one get one (several actually) tree. When you buy a machine, we buy enough trees from Trees for Cities to offset its carbon footprint. And we’ll give you a certificate to hang on the wall telling you how many trees you’ve sponsored.

When you order coffee, tea or hot chocolate you contribute to the Fairtrade organisation. And help improve the quality of life in the communities of coffee farming families across Latin America, Africa and Asia.



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