Coffee for coffee lovers

(whatever their budget)

In the beginning we decided upon – The 4 Laws of Great Coffee.
We obey them to the letter.

1. Source beans ethically.

We source the best coffee from around the world, we support a number of certifications and charities including Rain-Forest Alliance, Trees for Cities, Grow Foundation and Fair-Trade.

2. Use premium beans.

We select high quality beans. The very best beans on the planet; Brazilian Fazenda Pantano, Ethiopian Yukro , Colombian El Porvenir or Sumatran Lintong. Our house blends pay premiums at a higher rate than Fairtrade.

3. Blend it consistently right.

Over the years we’ve put our backs (and our taste buds) into producing a smooth, well-balanced cup that goes down a treat. We never change the flavour profile of our espresso blend (why mess with perfection?) but we do introduce guest coffee in the format of our delicious filter options, from the amazing Columbia house filter to our gorgeous Ethiopian Yukro to the super juicy and wonderful Kenyan AA

4. Roast it locally.

Milan may sound romantic but we roast our coffee in Woolwich. Our coffee comes straight from the boat to our state of the art Roastery in Woolwich. Nice and local. So it’s warm when the box is delivered, and fresh when it reaches your cup.

Our Caffeine Emergency Response Unit is on call to take your order and make sure you get your coffee on time. Contact us today to make your first order.



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