Luxurious hot chocolate, refreshing teas and bells & whistles

Cocoa, tea and everything else

Experience the pleasure of Nöje luxury cocoa

Nöje is a luxurious Scandinavian hot chocolate. A commitment to pure, simple and quality ingredients delivers an authentic, crafted hot chocolate drink to pleasure. We believe the friendly warmth of a good quality cup of cocoa creates a delightful moment for your everyday life. Enjoy responsibly!

Explore the Scandinavian dark side and find out more at

Teapigs tea

Refreshing teas that hit the spot

People are fussy about their refreshment of choice. They want it to taste just how they like it. And it’s not just coffee that’s got more complicated, tea is a minefield too. But whatever your cup of tea is, – herbal, Fairtrade or traditional English breakfast – we think we have it covered.

More information on our tasty teas can be found at the Teapigs website.

Bells and whistles

Hej is a one stop service for all the complimentary stuff. Whilst coffee is our focus HEJ can provide a full range of supporting ancillaries:

• Frappes
• Syrups
• Smoothies
• Iced teas
• Sugar
• Artisan Biscuits
• Cups & Crockery
• Filters
• Barista Kits

Contact us for more information on our complimentary range of ancillaries.



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