On the morning of Monday 10th June 2019 Hej Roastery welcomed the 24 pupils from Victory Primary School’s year five. The mission was simple – Plan, design and construct the ultimate sandwich! 

Hej were fortunate enough to work with their local primary school to engineer an educational and fun day out to inspire the next generation of talented chefs.

The children were given a list of ingredients which they could use and were instructed to set out in pairs and decide on their ultimate sandwich. With teamwork and communication each pair planned what their sandwich would be made of – even down to how many slices of ham or cheese they would like. The next step was to take a plain and boring sandwich box and transform it into an eye-catching vehicle which would drive a customer to purchase. 

As you can see, all the children got their creative juices flowing and designed some pretty epic boxes which professional marketing companies could have produced. Every sandwich had an exciting name, catchy slogan and informative ingredients list.

To truly replicate a real scenario of producing meals in a café, the pairs made their ingredients orders with Hej acting as a supplier. These orders were taken and processed ready for the next day.

When Tuesday arrived 24 of Victory Primary School’s flourishing chefs sprung into the Roastery raring to receive their order and construct their masterpieces. Each pair worked as a team to spread butter and cut tomatoes until eventually 12 sandwiches were presented on the display table.

Hej were lucky to get a few quick pictures as all this hard work was scoffed down in a fraction of the time it took to make them! It’s only right to carry out product testing!

All in all, Hej had a fantastic time and are appreciative for the opportunity to show inspiring young children what it’s like to work in a café/kitchen.

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