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Last year I was knocked off my bike by a car doing a U-turn. Unfortunately, my pride and joy- a Storck Fascenario Platinum was written off. I decided to ask James, my teammate and master of aero dynamics (well he thinks he is) what the most aero bike was. His reply – the Cannondale SystemSix.  “Say no more”, I said and put in an order for one. Great! Now I have no more excuses… I will be the fastest!

I have been riding my bike for the last 6 months come rain or shine. Here’s what i have noticed so far…

  • The bottom bracket needs checking fairly often and re greasing or it creaks.
  • Di2 is brilliant and never skips a beat, until it runs out!
  • Disc brakes are game changing for road bikes providing a more confident ride and the peace of mind that you’re not wearing out your rims every time you brake.
  • It’s the fastest bike I have ever ridden.

I’ve kept the bike as stock apart from a few minor changes:

  • The bars and stem to suit my fit. I run a 110mm stem and 38cm handlebars.
  • The saddle. I swapped the Prologo saddle which was to be fair comfortable, for a Specialized S-works Power saddle as I’ve ridden this model for the last 5 years.
  • I switched the original 23mm Vittoria’s for Continental GP5000’s in 25mm width. Apparently, the Vittoria’s were more aero with the rims, but I felt more comfortable riding a slightly wider tyre.; especially considering how wide the Hollowgram Knot 64 (Cannondale’s own brand) wheels are.
  • I also added the bottle cages from my retired Storck to allow it live on and a pair of Speedplay Stainless pedals.

You may be asking:
Can I ride it off road? No, you will break it and yourself.
Can I ride it to the shops? Yes, you will get there in record time, but don’t lock it up or you’ll never see it again.
Can I do skids? Yes, mad skids.
Can I crash it? Yes, but it might break.


  • You can get to your favourite coffee shop (Hej of course) in record time.
  • You can tell everyone to hurry up without breaking into a sweat as you are 538 watts better off (not scientifically proven).
  • You can beat your Strava segments. This is guaranteed!
  • A large selection of gears.
  • The bike has an 11 speed 11/28 cassette along with a double 52/36 chainring combination.
  • Disc brakes- to do skids.


  • The bikes steering is limited to 50 degrees to prevent the internal cables from getting crushed, which can be tricky for doing track stands and travelling at low speeds- not that you’ll be doing that!
  • Di2- electronic gears runs out and if you forget to charge it you will be stuck in the little ring on the turbo (I have found!).
  • If you crash will break.
  • The computer mount is ugly and your Garmin sticks out into the wind. I’ve seen a few aftermarket mounts but have yet to explore.

Will your mates think you’re cool? Four Stars ****
The majority of your mates will think you’re the coolest person in the office for purchasing this bike but, you’ll still get dropped if you eat too much cake.

The traffic light flex – Four Stars ****
Most people will say nice bike mate. However, unless you’re winning the Tour de France eBikes will still smoke you.

Value – Two Stars **

It’s not cheap but you’re paying a premium for a premium product. I think that this is a great value bike if you want the best you can buy. I’d recommend it over the more expensive Hi mod edition. Ultegra is cheaper than Dura-Ace to replace if you damage it and the frame is only a couple of 100g heavier which is negligible for an aero bike.

This is the best road bike I have ridden. It’s comfortable enough to ride 5 hours and stiff enough to win sprints. I’d definitely purchase again if I had the choice.

Price: £5500 (with stock parts)
Weight: 8.1kg (full bike current setup)
Cannondale SystemSix frameset 51cm
Shimano Ultegra R8070 Di2 hydraulic disc groupset 11 speed
Cannondale Hollowgram chainset 52/36 170mm
Cannondale Knot 64 carbon wheels. 64mm deep 21mm internal width
Cannondale Knot stem 110mm
Cannondale Knot carbon bars 38cm
Specialized S-Works Power Saddle 143mm
Storck carbon bottle cages
Speedplay Zero Stainless pedals
Continental GP5000 25mm tyres


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