Aeropress Filter Papers (350)


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About the Aeropress:

“The AeroPress is eco-friendly, with the only waste being the paper filter and coffee puck. Cleaning is super easy, so you’ll spend less time faffing, more time sipping.”


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Brew Guide


Easy to use and travel friendly, the AeroPress is a great brewer for the home barista.

Released in 2005 but Alan Adler, off the back of a very successful, record breaking Frisbee empire. The AeroPress produces a rich full bodied cup.

What you need

  • AeroPress and filter
  • 15g fresh, whole bean coffee
  • Soft, clean water
  • Stirrer
  • Grinder
  • Scales
  • Decanter

Step by Step


We recommend using the inverted method as you have more control with your brew.

Step 1

Pop your water on to boil. Place your filter paper in the black cap and rinse it with hot water.

Step 2

Weigh out and grind your coffee, aiming for a caster sugar consistency. The finer you go the shorter you will need to brew in order to reach your desired strength.

15 gr is roughly the amount that you can fit in the scoop provided with the AeroPress kit.

Step 3

Assemble your AeroPress by placing the plunger just a couple of cm in the brewing chamber and place the assembly on the scales. Make sure that the open side of the brewer is facing up.

Step 4

Place the ground coffee in the brewer chamber and zero your scales. Start your timer and slowly add the water until the scales read 200g. Stir few times and let it rest.

Remove the AeroPress from the scales as it is resting.

Step 5

After 1:30 minutes, screw the black cap with the paper filter on. Remove the AeroPress from the scales and place the cap side onto your decanter with the plunger facing up.

Push down on the plunger until all the coffee has drained out. This usually takes 30 seconds.


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