Hej Barista Basics


A barista course designed to introduce the beginner to the wonderful world of speciality coffee.


Course Name: Hej Barista Basics

Hej’s Barista Basics will give you the knowledge and confidence to enter your workplace like the Boss you are! This course is ideal for everyone. Let us introduce you into the world of coffee. We will cover everything from bean origin to producing the latte art of champions. Although this course is not SCA accredited it will be held by our top notch SCA trainer and fast track you though the basics needed in any barista position.

Duration: 2 days (10:00am – 4:00pm)

Skill Level: Beginner/intermediate

Qualification: Hej Certification

Price: £250

What will I learn?

  • Hej’s Coffee Beans – Learn what is in our Carnival Blend that makes it so special. This is also to understand the origin on the coffee and how it arrives in our cafes.
  • Workspace management – Understanding how to maintain a hygienic and organised workspace which minimises waste.
  • Coffee machine lingo – Expand your vocabulary with all the coffee lingo you’ll need to feel confident in the workplace.
  • Grinder calibration – Calibrate grinders to the Hej espresso recipe whilst developing techniques used to load portafilters correctly, to a Hej brand standard. This will also include how to take apart a grinder and reassemble. Understand the relationship of grind size and extraction.
  • Extraction / Brewing – Understand the importance of coffee recipes and the key sensory qualities during stages of extraction. Understand how to prepare and make a superb espresso. Learn how to correct imbalance by changing dose quantity, grind texture, water temperature and water quantity.
  • Milk steaming – Step by step explanation of how to steam a range of milks. Perfect your technique in order to achieve a silky milk texture every time.
  • Latte art – Learn from demonstration, how to create impeccable latte art. This will focus on shapes such as the heart, tulip, rosetta and Swan (if your naturally talented)
  • Drink construction – Prepare multiple beverages at different ratios of espresso to milk (from traditional macchiato to latte) and describe the difference in taste. Prepare a complex order of 4 beverages to a consistently high standard quickly and efficiently – within 5 minutes.
  • Machine maintenance – Acquire knowledge of how to perform machine maintenance and routine cleaning on a range of machines and accessories. This includes grinders, groupheads, milk jugs, portafilters and drip trays.
  • Alternative brewing methods – Learn how different brewing methods result in different flavours and textures. Coffee from brewing methods such as V60, Chemex, Aeropress, Coffee Queen and Cold brew will be tested with a refractometer to demonstrate the difference in brewing techniques.

Maximum class size: 8

Location: Hej Coffee, 1 Bermondsey Square, Bermondsey, London, England, SE1 3UN.

Terms and conditions: Must love coffee, tea drinkers welcome if numbers are low! See full terms and conditions and cancellation policyAlso don’t forget to read our Frequently Asked Questions.

COVID Instructions

All of our barista courses are running. Due to COVID we are working with customers to be flexible with our course dates. Once a course is purchased you will be contacted to arrange the start date of your course. If you have any queries about availability please enquire.

To comply with government guidelines we have put in safety measures to ensure all our participants are safe while taking the course:

  • When indoors a face mask must be worn at all times. 
  • The max number of participants for each course is 2 (one person per machine).
  • Social distancing must be maintained at all times. 
  • Contact information must be recorded for track and trace.
  • Regular cleaning of all Equipment. 
  • Regular hand washing/sanitation.


COVID 19 instructions, please tell us if:  

  • You have a new persistent cough and/or a fever within the last 7 days?
  • You or anyone in your family had a new persistent cough and/or fever within the last 14 days?
  • You have experienced a loss or change of sense of smell or taste?
  • Your course will be cancelled if you are found to have symptoms.


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