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8oz Hej KeepCups have black branded bands and come in white plastic.

12oz Hej KeepCups have white branded bands and come in black plastic



On The Move

KeepCup products are designed to replace the disposable cup – not a thermos. They have a splash proof, not a leak proof, seal.

KeepCup Brew was created to deepen the sensory experience of the coffee ritual. Glass is tempered, which means it’s tough – but it’s not unbreakable. A drop, or rapid temperature changes may break or shatter the glass. Do not put cold liquids into a hot glass, or place on a wet cold surface when hot.



Be gentle – don’t use abrasive materials or cloths when cleaning. For everyday use a quick rinse will do it – but we recommend a thorough clean once a week. Keeping your KeepCup clean makes the coffee experience great for you, and your barista – make sure you hand over a clean cup. Our lids, plugs, silicone bands and cup components are durable, and designed to be easy to care for. All are dishwasher safe on the top shelf.



KeepCups can withstand microwave heat – with the lid off, always – to 100°C / 212°F degrees. Exceptions: lid, clear plastic, cork, stainless steel. Extreme heat will warp plastic. If a cup is squashed in the dishwasher or left too long in the microwave, it may change shape.


Dimensions 8oz

Hight (lid off) – 81mm/3.2″

Base Diameter – 60mm/2.4″


Dimensions 12oz

Hight (lid off) – 111mm/4.4″

Base Diameter – 60mm/2,4″

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8oz, 12oz

About Local Pick Up

The orders placed choosing this option can expect to pick up be coffee, coffee kits or food boxes within 2-3 days from the day the order has been placed. In terms of the bakery boxes, the deadline could be 3-4 days depending on the bakery delivery schedule.

Once the order has been place a member of the Hej team will contact you by email offering you a day and a time frame where you can pick up your delivery.

Please keep on mind the social distancing restrictions when picking up your orders.

Local pick up is only available from Hej Roastery, Mansfield Point, Rodney Road, London, SE17 1BA. 


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