Hej Premium Hamper


Please select the 250g bag of coffee beans you would like in your Hej Hamper.



Delivered to your doorstep by the One Life Cycle team.

What’s included:

  • Granary bloomer from Paul Rhodes bakery
  • Whole milk (4 pints)
  • Salted butter (250g)
  • Strawberry jam (340g).
  • Smooth peanut butter (300g).
  • 250g bag of Hej Coffee (see below for options).
  • Self raising flour (1kg).
  • Clear blossom honey (680g).
  • Daily dose juice (300ml).
  • Toilet paper (4 rolls)


Coffees available:

Colombia: Las Lomas. Single origin coffee beans from Pitalito, South Hulia. Notes of plum, peach and red cherries.

DR Congo: Katanda. Single origin coffee beans from Lubero, Isale. Notes of lime, cherry and dark chocolate.

Ethiopia: Yirgacheffe. Single origin coffee beans from Yirgacheffe. Notes of lemon and berries with a delicate body.

Kenya: Kiburi PB. Single origin coffee beans from Kirinyaga County. Notes of red berry, stone fruit and wine acidity.

Columbia: Nariño. Single origin coffee beans from Narino, Columbia. Notes of chocolate, caramel and redcurrant.

Mexican: El Tucan Decaf. Decaffeinated single origin coffee beans from Chicomuselo & Comalapa, Chiapas. Notes of sweet, burnt toffee, brown spice, apple and soft citrus.


All item are subject to availability. Items may be substituted. Basket is for display purposes only.

Additional information


No. 1 Colombia: Las Lomas, No. 2 DR Congo: Katanda, No. 3 Ethiopia: Yirgacheffe, No. 4 Kenya: Kiburi PB, No. 5 Columbia: Nariño, No. 6 Mexican: El Tucan Decaf

About Doorstep Delivery

Hej Coffee’s Partnership with One Life Cycle.

One Life Cycle and Hej have come together to offer home deliveries all through cycle power.

We are now able to provide you with household essentials delivered every Monday straight to your door.

Orders must be placed by 2pm Friday for the following Monday delivery. Any orders placed after 2pm on a Friday will be delivered for the next Monday.

Upon delivery the One Life team member will knock on your door, place your Hej hamper on the doorstep and walk back to a safe distance until the hamper is collected.

Geographical exclusions apply for One Life Cycle delivery. This is delivery is limited to London. All orders outside of London will be delivered by post. Please allow 5 working days for processing and postage.


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