This January, to start the New Year off with a bang, our Chief Espresso Officer travelled all the way to Kenya. Why Kenya you ask? Obviously, because Kenya is one of the largest exporters of coffee in the world. Whilst in Africa, Jeremy stumbled across an elephant sanctuary called The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. This charity has pioneered elephant conservation and is now the most successful orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation programme in the world!

If you didn’t know, our roastery is in Elephant & Castle. This is why the majestic elephant is so close to our heart. Unfortunately, whilst in Kenya Jeremy learnt that not all elephants have a great start to life due to poaching, deforestation and human disturbance. Touched by the Elephant’s stories of how they become orphaned, Jeremy promised to support this valuable cause. This is why Hej has pledged to donate 20p for every bag of coffee sold in our Elephant & Castle Roastery. Your well spent 20p will help support Hej’s fostered Elephant in the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. So, without further or do, please let us introduce Wendi.

Wendi the elephant

Named Wendi because it means ‘Hope’ in the Meru tribal dialect, she is now the latest member of the Hej family. Wendi is an Imenti Forest Elephant who was found in a swamp near the heavily deforested Imenti Forest. When Wendi was found on the 18th September 2002 it was apparent she was only a few weeks old.

Since 2002 Wendi has grown into a beautiful and strong elephant who is currently located in Ithumba. Throughout her twenty-six years stomping on this planet, Wendi has not only been a trouble maker, but she has also become a mother. Wiva (mini Wendi) and Wendi can be found with their tribe exploring and eating everything in sight.

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