Wholesale & Workplace

Extraordinary coffee experiences at work

Hej Wholesale Coffee Supplies

Wholesale Coffee Suppliers

Helping you serve your customers, clients or colleagues extraordinary coffee experiences.

Commercial Coffee Machines

Commercial Coffee Machines for Business

Reliable and stylish commercial coffee machines to help you consistently deliver extraordinary coffee experiences.

Bespoke Office Coffee Bar Design

Bespoke Office Coffee Bar Design

Designing and creating modular coffee bars in workspaces, helping to bring the speciality coffee culture to your workplace.

Hej Coffee Round

Hej Coffee Round

Eliminating coffee packaging by delivering freshly roasted coffee in reusable containers – right to your door.

Hej Coffe Staff

Barista Hire for Events

Get the HEJ Coffee experience at your event or party. We supply specially trained Baristas for a wide variety of events. 

Sustainable Coffee Company

Being a Sustainable Coffee Company

From Vegware to Keepcups and more. Find out more about our sustainable coffee initiatives.

We are open for takeaway! Delivery available on UberEats and Deliveroo.