Hej Coffee Round

Eliminating Single Use Plastics

Introducing the Hej Coffee Round. Freshly roasted coffee in reusable containers. It’s like a milk round but much tastier. Ernie, our 1963 original milk float, will deliver your coffee right to your door (or loading bay).

If you’re after a wholesale coffee supplier understand this: Approximately 300 million single use non-recyclable foil, plastic coffee bags are being produced and discarded every year in the UK. The Hej Coffee Round will eliminate the need for coffee packaging by delivering freshly roasted coffee in reusable containers across central London.

Ernie can be spotted outside your premises NOW.

Ernie’s 11 month achievements

Join our round –
don’t miss the float!

Be one of the first businesses to get onboard with the Hej Round and start making a difference to our coffee packaging waste problem. Contact HEJ for all workplace and wholesale coffee enquiries.

Telephone 02035794663 orsend us an email or complete the enquiry form.

We are open for takeaway! Delivery available on UberEats and Deliveroo.