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Sustainable supply initiatives

Hej Round

Our latest sustainable supply initiative is Hej Round – Freshly roasted coffee delivered in reusable containers. It’s like a milk round but much tastier! If you are looking for a coffee wholesale supplier with a passion for eliminating single use plastics, we are the company for you. Don’t miss the float – get in touch today about being a part of the Hej Round.


Better for the environment – we sold 1 million ‘compostable cups’ last year. Vegware are plant-based cups, sustainably sourced and often recycled card. With Vegware Hej Coffee has saved 4.6 tonnes of carbon, 6.3 tonnes of virgin materials, 20.7 tonnes of finite resources. That’s cancelling out carbon from 8 flights from London to New York.


We have joined the reuse revolution with Keepcup and encourage our customers to take one home. You can find our branded Keepcups instore at our café in Bermondsey or our roastery in Elephant & Castle.


For those who believe in good old-fashioned recycling we also supply ReCUP cups. ReCUP’s use EarthCoating® to make their cups fully recyclable in conventional paper recycling systems. Understand this: we never use unsustainable cups for our coffee. All non-reusable cups we supply can either be recycled or composted.

Clean Sheet

Clean Sheet is a charity who offer people with convictions the hope of a better future by finding sustainable employment. In order to support this cause, we have opened up our training facilities for regular sessions with Clean Sheet members. We also hope to help some of these members by having vacancies available to those who show the Hej spirit in training. For more information about Clean Sheet please go to

Wendi the Elephant

If you didn’t know, our roastery is in Elephant & Castle. This is why the majestic elephant is so close to our heart. Because of this Hej has pledged to donate 20p for every bag of coffee sold in our Elephant & Castle Roastery to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Hej currently fosters Wendi, a Imenti Forest Elephant, so she can live and stomp around without the fear of poaching or human disturbance.


The most important thing for us, is to create a neighbourhood vibe within Hej. As you know a great neighbourhood always supports one another, which is why we encourage apprenticeships to support our family to reach their ultimate career dreams. If you are an enthusiastic person who is full of beans, please contact us for more information to get your foot on the coffee industry ladder.

Contact HEJ for all workplace and wholesale enquiries

Telephone 02035794663 or send your request via email message.

We are open for takeaway! Delivery available on UberEats and Deliveroo.