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We’re very proud to work with some amazing businesses. We don’t though just work with giant corporates. Our clients also include many small to medium sized companies. Anywhere that appreciates great coffee.

Our clients are people who are happy when they get great tasting coffee, reliable stylish machines and a real human being on the end of the phone who does what they say they’ll do. They tell friends in other companies about us. And their friends become happy clients too.

Just tell us what your company requires (using this form) and we’re let you know how we can deliver you an extraordinary coffee experience at your workplace.

Happy Clients

“HEJ just have that special something that our clients fall in love with and we’re so proud to showcase their fantastic work in our clients’ sites. Jeremy and Mathew really get what we’re about at RA and work seamlessly with our operations teams. It’s obvious with HEJ that making beautiful coffee is an art form, not something they leave to chance. We train all our baristas at the HEJ Barista School in Bermondsey Square where they learn about everything from the roasting process, to cupping coffee and how to create the perfect latte art.”

James Boyle, MD of Restaurant Associates.

“HEJ Coffee has recreated an authentic café experience – one of a buzzy local café that’s independent and artisan.”

Black Rock

“We are very proud to be chosen to partner with Restaurant Associates, with their passion for food and service and our love of coffee it’s a match made in heaven. Together we are breaking down barriers and making specialty coffee easily accessible and hopefully a fun experience for everyone involved. We work hard to empower our baristas with the skills and knowledge to deliver a fantastic coffee experience no matter what the occasion”

Mathew Keech, CCO of Hej Coffee (Chief Coffee Officer)



HEJ Coffee delivers extraordinary coffee experiences at work - Coffee, equipment, barista training, customer service and maintenance. Let’s talk..... 0203 441 4544 OR