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Our CEO (Chief Espresso Officer), Jeremy, was a frustrated young man when he pioneered bean to cup office coffee from his bedroom in West London back in 1999. Mainly he was frustrated by the quality of the coffee office workers were expected to drink – he was a bit of a revolutionary back then and was soon joined by Mathew our CCO (Chief Coffee Officer). Together they had a worthy cause to improve the coffee experience at work. The origins of HEJ Coffee were conceived in Sweden and born in Bermondsey. Following a brief marriage to a large Swedish coffee conglomerate, Jeremy and Mathew left the big corporate world to go back to what they love most. After their divorce they kept the name, the café and strong Swedish values. It was the starting point to carry on the dream. Continue their passion for all things coffee.

Now they’re older, and these days less frustrated and more caring. Mainly about their clients, staff and the planet (they can often be found hugging a tree). As more and more corporations started ordering HEJ’s tasty brew, they employed more and more people like them. People who love coffee, give nothing less than the best service, are just a little bit crazy, and take recycled coffee grounds home and spread them round the petunias.



HEJ Coffee delivers extraordinary coffee experiences at work - Coffee, equipment, barista training, customer service and maintenance. Let’s talk..... 0203 441 4544 OR