A coffee service unparalleled

Revolutionising coffee at work

There’s a new revolution in hospitality and the workplace

The third wave coffee movement did away with the notion that coffee is a mere commodity and started to demand a certain reverence, the sort that one might pay to a fine wine or a gourmet cheese. Gone are the days of large chain branded, over-extracted espresso topped with a sorry splodge of burnt milk foam and thank goodness for that! We’re all fast becoming coffee savvy critics and there is a new coffee revolution happening in the hospitality and workplace sectors.

The coffee scene is now about authentic coffee experiences

The coffee scene is now about so much more than coffee itself, people are looking for coffee experiences. HEJ Coffee was born through a couple of coffee-mavericks, Jeremy Knight and Mathew Keech, a pair who had a love of the intricate process from harvesting a bean to the final flourish of a Rosetta Tulip on your latte. They together took their burning desire to bring some personality back to the coffee market and created HEJ Coffee.

Bermondsey Café HQ to Blue Chip environments

Initially starting with one café we now provide a workplace coffee service to over 30 sites in blue chip environments throughout London and the South East. HEJ coffee fills the gap that the large corporate homogenised brands cannot fill, “we love being a small fish in a big coffee bowl”.

Get a new standard of coffee at your workplace

HEJ Coffee brings exciting new standards of coffee to our clients and customers. Fancy a taste of Bermondsey in your workplace? As official partners of La Marzocco, Crem, Rocket, WMF and BUNN coffee machines, we take our neighbourhood coffee shop vibe into the work environment and supply everything you may need for a Barista style coffee at work; from bean to machine to everything in between.

You’ll be in good company.



HEJ Coffee delivers extraordinary coffee experiences at work - Coffee, equipment, barista training, customer service and maintenance. Let’s talk..... 0203 441 4544 OR

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