Roasted locally

in our state of the art roastery

Milan may sound romantic but we roast our coffee in Woolwich

Our coffee comes straight from the boat to our state of the art Roastery in Woolwich. Nice and local. So it’s warm when the box is delivered, and fresh when it reaches your cup.

Once at the Roastery the expertise of our master roaster comes into play…ensuring that the flavour in the cup is the same incredibly high standard all year around. We achieve this by constantly checking and if needed tweaking our famous espresso blend recipe to create the balance between acidity and the full rich flavour that is synonymous with the HEJ Coffee brand.

We never change the flavour profile of our espresso blend (why mess with perfection?) but we do introduce guest coffee in the format of our delicious filter options, from the amazing Columbia house filter to our gorgeous Ethiopian Yukro to the super juicy and wonderful Kenyan AA.

HEJ are all about small batch roasting as, like most things, coffee tastes better when it’s fresh. This is also why the beans are roasted just down the road from our Bermondsey flagship café, meaning that the magic happens a mere stone’s throw away before being grinded and tampered. Enough for the most discerning coffee snob to be very satisfied.



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